Scarey Spuds sounds like an authentic activity we could do between schools see Amber Coggin's blog for more information.
Idea taken from the Monster Project

Water Use around the world - enter your data, make hypothesis about water use around the world and compare data from around the world.

A cluster of links for online collabirative Science Projects

Video Conferencing

Technospud- Jenuine Tech's 2008/2009 Project List (Ning) ...
Flat Stanley-

e-pals - . Your students can have their own accounts and be monitored by the adm and the teacher.
Kids around the world a sample interview as an example of questions you might pose.
Studies have shown that cooperative learning promotes higher achievement than competitive and individualistic learning structures across all age levels, subject areas, and almost all tasks.
The four basic principles of cooperative learning:

  • Simultaneous interaction
  • Positive Interdependence
  • Individual Accountability
  • Equal Participation
This is based on the work of Dr Spencer Kagan.

Planning a Collaborative Project