Embedding ICT in the Curriculum

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Children should be able to use ICT in their learning without needing separate 'computer' lessons. In the same way that children should know when to use a calculator in maths, ICT should fit seamlessly into the curriculum. Ideally children should not need to leave their classroom in order to use ICT. The use of laptops, classroom computers, the IWB, digital cameras, data loggers, electronic toys etc should all be part of everyday lessons. ICT does not need to become a trip to the 'computer room'.

Hitchams ICT Blog A fabulous blog with lots of great simple ideeas.

Planning for ICT a page to help plan to integrate IC into your classroom.

EdHouse a wikispace - Australian and NZ teachers talking about ICT and 21st Century Learning.
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ISTE NETSEducational Technology Standards for Students

Pencils Across the Curriclum - hoot!

Technology Integration Made Easy

Are you anxious to integrate technology into your curriculum this year, but are intimidated by the time and tech savvy necessary to plan technology activities or participate in technology projects? Today, Education World offers 20 easy and painless ways to integrate technology into your daily routine.
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