PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS Free Digital Photography Lessons and Activities

Free fully illustrated lessons, with step by step instructions to teach
your kids some fun projects using Photoshop Elements from Adone Digital Kids Club.
Print them out and add to your program.


Picture this Visual Literacy Activities

FREE (free simple photo editing tools)
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 (download trial here and see the tutorials here)
Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Creative Suit 3) (download trial from adobe or from other site)

Editing Digital Images

“Inspiration is more important than Knowledge”
Albert Einstein

Digital Camera and Photo Editing School for Teachers and Students
Elements’ Quick Fix tools pdf
Digital Media in the classroom pdf
Workbook for kids pdf

from free downloads page
InDesign Workbook for teachers
Adobe Illustrator - Just show me what to do

EMINTS modules:
- Visual Literacy
- Editing Digital Images

Some Topics to Choose From external image msword.png learn how to.doc

Digital Kids Club
Digital Kids Club

Digital Kids Club

Free Digital Photography Lessons and Activities
Free Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 online course

Entheos Free Resources
Create a Collage using Photoshop. Learn how to blend images or photos and create a collage with them using Photoshop. Mostly used for making headers of a website.
Feather edges.
Design a simple banner.
Superimpose A Picture In Text. Learn how to give your text a background of any image you want. It's magic!