Resources for Teachers which we will sort out as the list grows.

TLF catalogue for Learning Objects located at TaLe
iRubric use this site to develop rubrics online and collaborate with other teachers
Photosoup put in a word and it makes a puzzle for you out of pictures to send video messages with your webcam
Cool 3d mind mapping software available (3) for free. This is fascinating.
Rich Games For Learning
Free site with a great list of learning games to play in the classroom.

Web 2.0 Resources for Instructional Integrations For The21st Century Classroom


eThemes: literaly thousands of sites categorised for easy access
eMINTS webquests again sorted for easy access

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When you're learning about something new, it's nice to have more than one resource to explore. This web project provides "four to explore" for each topic. On each page you'll find information, definitions, links, and other resources. Click a topic to start exploring!

The Virtual World

Sectors out there in the community are really embracing the virtual concept...

Debatepedia - a resource worth looking at.Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of pro and con arguments and quotations in important public debates from around the world. It is considered “the Wikipedia of debate”, helping the world centralize arguments and quotations found in millions of different articles, essays, and books into a single encyclopedia, so that citizens can better understand important public debates and make informed choices. Great for High School students.

IT in Education

Possible PD for staff 23 Things
Free Web 2.0 Book Terry Freedman Great Web 2.0 Activities Downloadable pdf

NECC conference

free dynamic geometry software - secondary mathematics

This is an excellent site and they have set up a wiki to support/share resources.
and the wikispace is
Who needs all that expensive software when this is available! (I met the creator of this software at Cambridge Uni - he is so generous - he gets nothing for his creation!!)

Learning in Maine
LIM Resources Wiki
Western Maine MLTI/eMINTS
Resources for Maine Teachers

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