Welcome to Wiki Workshop 1.
Firstly choose an animal you feel best describes you. Find any other people who have chosen the same animal as you have. As a group, list the attributes of this animal that you relate to. Write these down to share with the whole group.
Also check no two people in your group have chosen the same picture. l can easily create more if you need more.
Workshop notes
external image cat.jpgexternal image cat_show_01.jpgexternal image copy_cat_copies.jpgexternal image cat-mouth-full.jpgexternal image cat5.jpgexternal image cat_mistycat.jpg
external image cutest%2520puppy.jpgexternal image ShiranianPuppy1205thru0206024.JPGexternal image puppy4.jpgexternal image puppy3.jpgexternal image sad_puppy.jpgexternal image cute_puppy_picture_T3505.jpg

external image Turtle23CompleteInSunFilteredClearWater.jpgexternal image turtle-swim-4.jpgexternal image sea-turtle.jpg
external image african-lion-closeup.jpgexternal image asian-lion.jpgexternal image Lion-Sitting-Print-C10001351.jpegexternal image asiatic-lion.jpgexternal image lion.jpgexternal image father-and-son-lions.jpg